Media & Influencer Hub: October Update


The weather is certainly getting colder, yet the news agenda for October is heating up. With 26 days to go until the upcoming US presidential election, our Media & Influencer Hub Monthly Update shines a light on the broader media trends we’re seeing this Autumn. 

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The US Elections

As we edge closer towards the upcoming US presidential election, the ongoing media commentary around Donald Trump has increased tenfold. Following September’s presidential debate, the general media perception of Trump has lost further neutrality as an increasing number of journalists and news outlets criticise and question the credentials of Trump as a potential leader, as reflected in The New York Times and The Guardian.

Artificial Intelligence partnership

Towards the end of September, a cohort of Silicon Valley giants - Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft – united to form an AI partnership to advance public understanding of the sector and set standards for future researchers. It generated high volumes of media attention across national UK press including The Guardian, BBC and The Verge, many of which highlighted the distinct absence of Apple and Elon Musk. The UK press are now watching this group closely for its next move in the AI world. Watch this space…

Next steps on Brexit

Brexit is still the talk of the town, following news that Theresa May will trigger Article 50 by the end of March 2017. Reports continue to vary on what Brexit will actually mean for the UK economy. With speculation around its impact on everything from banks to higher education, there isn’t a day which goes by where we don’t see Brexit coverage, and we shouldn’t expect this to change any time soon.

World Mental Health Day 2016

We seemingly live in a world where there is a national day for everything yet arguably some days are more poignant than others. World Mental Health Day falls firmly into that category and has quite rightly received widespread media attention, with a clear call to action to speak up and seek help if you need it. With over 25% of the UK seeking help for mental health related issues each year, the more coverage on this issue, the better.


Snapchat launches Spectacles

With the WE office consisting of many enthusiastic Snapchatters, the news of Snapchat’s latest project – Spectacles – caused quite a stir. Snap Inc., launched the wearable glasses to enable consumers to film video snippets which will ultimately provide a more immersive viewing experience. It’s been well documented that Snapchat is the social platform for 16-24 year olds and with a user base of 150 million daily users, the opportunities for brands to use Snapchat to engage this audience is huge. It’ll be interesting to see the impact of adding a branded wearable device into the mix!

Who is Louise Delage?
25 year old Louise Delage appeared to be just another rising Instagram star, securing 65,000+ followers in little over a month. Whilst an impressive achievement, her posts which captured her busy social life didn’t initially raise suspicion. However, it was later revealed to be a fake account as part of a clever campaign for Addict Aide, an organisation which supports young people struggling with alcoholism. Look closely at the images and you’ll spot images of alcohol in every single post. The campaign itself secured high volumes of media coverage and social traction, raising awareness of an often neglected issue.

Southern Rail strikes again
In a bold and unexpected move, Southern Rail invested in advertorial content to feature on the front page of the Metro and other UK newspapers. With bold headlines including “Let’s strike back” and “Let’s move forward,” it was sure to trigger a reaction – and the general public wasn’t afraid to reply! Southern Railway received a major backlash from customers on social media whilst the RMT union claimed the company was “inciting violence.”


  • As part of its 5th anniversary, The Verge will refresh its entire brand – watch out for more on November 1st.
  • Keeley Bolger has joined Press Association as its Commissioning Editor and Gadgets Writer.
  • Former Telegraph journalist and recent freelancer, Rhiannon Williams, has joined The i as its Technology Correspondent.
  • Simon English has joined the London Evening Standard as Senior City Correspondent, where telecoms and media will be amongst his core focuses.
  • Victoria Allen has joined The Daily Mail as its Science Correspondent, moving from the Scottish Daily Mail where she was the Health Editor.


  • “Black Friday descends on the UK” – The usual madness will no doubt ensue on November 25th as online and in store retailers slash product prices for 24 hours.
  • “The count down for Christmas begins” – It’s 73 days to go, didn’t you know?

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