On-board the Paris Air Show

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— Naiema Ashraf 

The 52nd International Paris Air Show (PAS) took place at Le Bourget Airport this year. Encompassing both civilian and military machines, the biggest air show of the year was a spectacle of cutting-edge technology in airplanes, snazzy business class suites and test flights all over the show.  

But what were the hottest topics dominating the show, other than Macron’s guest appearance of course?


The International Air Transport Association’s 2016 Global Passenger Survey reveals that 51 percent of passengers want to be connected in the air at all times. Passengers are looking towards technology to help improve their travel experiences; they want to be just as connected in the air as they are on the ground.

The industry is taking it one step further, and at Paris Air Show the connected plane was unveiled. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), planes are becoming more connected than ever before. Not only are passengers able to access in-flight Wi-Fi more easily, but pilots have access to more information to ensure a safer journey.

3D Printing

This is something that’s been making waves through various sectors for several years, but now making significant progress in the aviation world.  Manufacturing companies are 3D printing important parts of aircraft engines such as turbines and compressors, and finding ways to use printed parts to fly from London to New York in just over three hours. This might sound impossible, but with supersonic aircraft it’s fast becoming a reality.

Business Class Suites

Luxury flying (sadly) isn’t for everyone and most of us fly economy, but at PAS you can experience business class suites like an exclusive. One airline has gone above and beyond to completely change the flying experience and stay ahead of the competition, and all was revealed at the show this year. Some lucky passengers have the chance to enjoy a premium experience though the newly unveiled QSuite Business Class, allowing passengers to enjoy the first ever double bed in business class, or eat dinner with business colleagues or family.

Augmented and Virtual Realities

AR ad VR are a thing of the present – we’ve all experienced them in one form or another. At PAS, aerospace companies are using headsets to showcase their work and technology in new and exciting ways. Some demonstrations included an interactive experience, where a simulated search and rescue mission featuring a drone, allows the user to understand how use of 3D enhances the experience and performance.

All in all, the 52nd International Paris Air Show was a success – the most coveted names in the aviation and defense industry flew over to Le Bourget and showcased their most exciting machines and technology in the sweltering heat, and it’s now open to the public. So plan next year’s visit to the show and take in the future of aviation.

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