period shop by kotex sign 'go with your flow'

Period Pop-Up Shop: A Cultural Moment

— Heather Scott, WE 

Since forever, feminine hygiene products have been private, taboo and clinical. Recently, I discovered The Period Shop, a pop-up shop from U by Kotex and part of the brand’s new campaign. It was not only unexpected (in a good way) but really changed the way I think. 

The Period Project is unique because it’s changing cultural norms, bringing people (even strangers) together to share their experiences on periods and, of course, have some fun too.

Before my visit I couldn’t imagine speaking with a stranger let alone my colleague about the moment I got my period. I went into The Truth Booth where I told my stories on video — like when I got my period before my swim carpool arrived to pick me up for practice and how I panicked wondering if anyone would “know” and see the pad underneath my swimsuit.

I’m so glad I got to see it. The two-level store was filled with signage like “Go With Your Flow” and “You’re So Cool” — plus shopping, sweet treats, and a DJ and lounge area. Women of all ages were arriving by taxis during their lunch hour to check it out, share their stories and join in. 

This is an outstanding example of a brand finding a unique way to be disruptive. It is not just about selling tampons, it is empowering women — something my agency knows well considering our two founders are women. And this works because consumers want to support brands that are aligned to core values, like authenticity and empowerment. What a fun way to inspire, educate and pave the way for cultural change.

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