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Say goodbye to the middleman

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— Jennifer Granston, WE 

Uber. Netflix. Spotify. Airbnb. They’re among the world’s leading brands. And they all achieved leadership positions by seizing technological opportunity to disrupt entire industries.

Technology is transforming our world at a feverish pace, putting companies in a constant state of motion. Some are spinning in place; others are being hurled backward by the massive changes taking place around us — and the most savvy are harnessing change to continually propel themselves forward. We like to call this concept Brands in Motion.

Check out how some of the world’s most successful brands are exploiting transformation-driven motion to push themselves to the forefront: 

So how do brands harness motion for business success?

One, they cut out the middleman by removing anything between them and the consumer that doesn’t add value.

Two, they embrace technology-inspired change to take their products and services directly to their prospects — lowering the cost of sales while developing closer, more measurable customer relationships.

A great example is Airbnb, which bypassed the traditional hotel industry to “disintermediate” both the supply and demand sides of travel accommodations. Watch this video to find out how:


Operating in an evolving media ecosystem

Not only are brands in motion, but so, too, is the vast media ecosystem in which their stories live. As the traditional newsroom continues to shrink in size, conventional media keeps giving way to new sets of influencers. At the same time, tools like the mobile web and search give consumers more freedom than ever to access the exact content they want, on their own terms — while bypassing anything they don’t see as valuable.

In this reality, the challenge is to drive mutually beneficial outcomes that meet the needs of the company while inspiring and connecting with customers and other stakeholders. We see this as a journey. First, a brand needs to understand how it is moving in relation to the industry at large and to all the players critical to success. Second, those brands must identify and co-create storiesthat propel both the company and its customers forward — putting those stories in play across the entire media ecosystem.

At WE Communications, we understand brands in motion because we are one — and because we had, and continue to have, a seat at the table of transformation-driven motion. We know how the constant of change affects brands, stakeholders and society. And we know how to harness that motion for the mutual benefit of our clients and their current and prospective customers.

To learn more about how we can help you transform your brand, please reach out to us at talktowe@we-worldwide.com.