WE Boston Kicks for the Community

— Kaitlyn Petit, WE 

“A brand’s purpose represents the soul of a company. It spells out how a brand contributes to something bigger than itself, positively impacts the ever changing world around us and answers the question ‘to what end?’” – Melissa Waggener Zorkin, WE CEO

In late May, the Boston office of WE gathered together with nearly 300 other Boston professionals from 20 different companies for an annual outdoor kickball tournament to raise money for Playworks.

Playworks matches many underfunded elementary schools with full-time volunteer coaches who run activities during the day, mostly at recess, in order to keep students physically active and promote inclusivity and teamwork. The organization serves 100 schools — 40,000 children — in the Boston area every day.

WE Boston and WE Portland have been participating with the organization and contributing to the cause for about ten years now, an achievement the team was personally thanked for by Jonathan Gay, the executive director of Playworks New England.

WE went out into the field and showed our passion, owned up to our integrity and built up our respect towards the other team players – even with a few rough calls!

Most importantly, WE collaborated. With one win under our belt, WE showed the other teams how WE does work by communicating with our co-workers, by talking through our problems and by kicking butt on and off the field.

The corporate kickball tournament event raised more than $30,000, including funds from WE, which will help even more schools in the new year. This fall, we plan on engaging with Playworks by becoming a member of their team and joining a class for recess.

WE look forward to building our relationship with Playworks and helping kids let off steam for a moment of fun. Find out you can contribute and volunteer for our team here – let’s make sure every kid gets to enjoy recess!