WE Takes Time Off to Vote

WE Communications Blog: Agency

— Kass Sells, Global COO/President of International 

The story of this year’s election is a fascinating one. A protagonist, an antagonist, (lots of) conflict and, in a manner of weeks, resolution. As storytellers and storymakers, we are closely watching the story unfold, filing away lessonsabout how we would or would not counsel clients in similar situations and watching brands break new ground in the media ecosystem — on social media channelsand through unique voter registration efforts.

Regardless of how each of us personally characterizes the candidates and whatever our individual choices may be, the ONE thing that is paramount to remember is our right and responsibility to vote for the outcome. In this election, that right feels even more acute.

While a sizeable portion of our North American employees live in a vote-by-mail state, we stand in solidarity with many other companies and industry peers in supporting our employees’ right to vote. Just as we want our people to have time to give back to their local communities, WE as an agency wants them to give back to their country by taking time to vote.

WE is giving all U.S. employees time off to get registered and cast their ballots — any time of the work day that best suits them. So, together, we can be sure to have a voice in how the story of this election will end.