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Why WE Love The Seattle Office

— WE Interns 

1. WE love friendly rivalry


There’s a story in the office that goes like this:

Our CEO Melissa Waggener-Zorkin is very passionate about Africa, as evidenced by her ongoing volunteer work. Years ago, she demonstrated this passion in a less traditional fashion by way of giving a gift to the Seattle office. What was the gift, you might ask? A large, stuffed giraffe. Shortly after, agency co-founder Pam Edstrom decided to give the Portland office a new gift too: a large stuffed gorilla, that was, not-so-coincidentally, larger than the stuffed giraffe. Not to be outdone, Melissa sought out to find a giraffe larger than the gorilla. The proof of her success now lives in the Seattle office lobby, which vaguely resembles the Woodland Park Zoo, due to the population of not one, but two very large, stuffed giraffes.

2. WE love creativity


What could be more creative than giant stuffed animals crowding our lobby? How about a giant octopus drawing that occupies our chalk wall? Or even the numerous white board and windows throughout the office that seem to always have great drawings and other fun-tastic ideas sketched out on them! Now, these aren’t just utilized by staff for fun; they’re also used as creative outlets to brainstorm and map ideas that will be presented to clients.

3. WE love “business casual”


While you probably won’t see the Birkenstocks-and-socks combo in the office, we do pretty well for ourselves as far as our business casual dress code is concerned. From trendy flannels with dark jeans to the occasional dressier outfit ,we generally stay true to our Pacific Northwest roots when it comes to our sense of style on the job.

4. WE love to eat (together)


There’s a small almost-certain chance guarantee that someone’s hand is always in the candy bowl at the reception desk. This leads to the small almost-certain chance guarantee that you might gain the “new-hire 15.” From all of the lunch meetings and Learning and Development sessions that you will inevitably be invited to attend, it’s fair to say that our passion for work is only enhanced by our passion for snacks.

5. WE love happy hour (together)


When we find ourselves famished after a grueling day at the office, we’ll usually take a quick jaunt over to one of the numerous locations that offer happy hour. Who would’ve thought that you could leave at 5:30, walk downstairs with your colleagues, and make it to a restaurant within walking distance in time for half-price pulled pork sliders?

The beautiful scenery paired with the awesome company make for a great hour that will often continue after the specials have ended. After all, why limit yourself to a happy “hour” when you can be happy all evening?

6. WE love Seattle’s history


Feelings of confusion are not uncommon when you look around and notice that you are in the Barker conference room, named after the one and only Bob Barker. But it certainly is common to have a meeting in any one of the rooms in the office that represent the greats of our state’s expansive history. You can work quietly in the Sonics Room (#SaveOurSonics) or maybe with a large group via video conference in the Hendrix Room (thanks, Jimmy!). No matter where you have your meeting, the books and plaques present in each room will certainly deliver some fascinating insights about the inspiration behind the name for that room and the great Seattle spirit that lives there.

7. WE love the culture


“I want to work with people who are driven, innovative and extremely social!” If this is something your search for in the workplace, you’re in luck because that’s what you’ll find at WE. This group of passionate and smart communications professionals represents the best of what the Seattle job market has to offer, if we do say so ourselves. How could you possibly argue with that logic?

8. WE love our view


If the Seattle rain is ever bogging us down, we are fortunate enough to be able to look outside and enjoy the beautiful view of Mt. Rainer. When you stand in exactly the right spot, tilt your head in a specific manner, and the weather happens to be sunny, there it is in the reflection of the mountain in the windows across the street. We can also see Lake Washington (kind of) – that is, when we’re not busy shaking our fists at the ever-present construction projects.

9. WE love our location


When we’re not taking in the views, we have the incredible fortune of being located just six floors above a Starbucks. That’s all you need to know. But if you MUST have more information:

The greater Seattle metropolitan area has been referred to as “the next Silicon Valley.” Our office is just across Lake Washington from downtown Seattle, in Bellevue, where we have numerous industry leading companies within a stone’s throw of our front door. If you love tech, innovation and coffee, look no further!

10. WE love our cool clients


While everything about the Seattle office rocks, the icing on the cake, the peanut butter to our jelly, the glue that holds us tight, and the clock that keeps us ticking is our group of amazing clients. Here are just a few of the clients we work with in the Seattle area: