AI is changing the game
and we know the rules. 

WE Communications is deeply immersed in new technology and its applications. Our AI Services group helps PR/communication teams explore and adopt new technologies to help their people work smarter, faster and more creatively. We also help brands generate more awareness for their own AI stories. 

  • WE Communications collaborates with major names in the AI industry, including Microsoft, Adobe, Discord, and many others. Our team engages daily with media professionals and key influencers in the AI sector.
  • We’re continuously testing AI applications for ourselves and on behalf of our clients. So far, we’ve audited more than 100 AI tools in a structured sprint, adding 20 to our client service toolbox.
  • We've educated over 150 of our team members about the evolving AI landscape and its potential applications in communications and PR.
  • In May 2023, in association with the USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations, we conducted a survey involving over 400 communications leaders from across the U.S. This was aimed at understanding how organizations are leveraging AI in their communication strategies.


Interested? Master the rules of game-changing AI technologies in PR and communications through our AI Advisory Group.

AI Advisory

Our AI Offerings

AI Academy

Custom-built to inform and inspire communicators and marketers, this hands-on exploration of use cases, tools and guided experimentation leads teams toward AI familiarity and fluency.

AI Storymaking

A project-based AI Storymaking offer to help brands supercharge their AI storytelling in a crowded news environment.

The Week in AI

The only AI digest written specifically for communications and PR pros. Stay current on the evolution of generative AI innovation, the regulatory environment and the technology's impact on society. Learn about prompts and use cases for PR and communications.


WE ROKK AI offers a range of services including landscape analysis, message development, strategic communications, internal communications and crisis management to help companies stay ahead of the curve as AI continues to evolve and the regulatory environment reacts to it.

Understanding AI's Impact

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Fascinated and Frightened: How Are Communications Professionals Viewing the AI Opportunity Ahead?

AI readiness is critical to the future of communications. In partnership with USC Annenberg Center for PR, WE surveyed nearly 400 communications leaders to understand their expectations on AI and the impact it will have.