Tech and Policy Experts Partnering to Navigate AI Regulation

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the way we live, work and interact with information. As the technology advances, no industry will avoid its benefits and risks – or be immune to the policies that govern them.

WE Communications and ROKK Solutions are partnering to help companies manage the business transformation fueled by this rapidly evolving technology. Our joint AI offering brings together WE’s deep expertise in the technology sector with ROKK’s bipartisan communications experience to help companies chart the course for AI governance and responsibility.

WE ROKK AI offers a range of services including landscape analysis, message development, strategic communications, internal communications and crisis management to help companies stay ahead of the curve as AI continues to evolve and the regulatory environment reacts to it.

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Our unmatched political insights and relationships means we can provide intelligence in real time about the mindsets of key officials. By applying our unique understanding of the technology and its implications to specific policy goals, we can position our clients as educators for key stakeholders.

Strategic Communications

Based on our landscape analysis and enterprise assessment, we will design a communications plan to position clients as leaders in the ethical use of AI, demonstrating how they apply company mission and values to help shape the AI landscape. This includes high value earned media opportunities, content generation, thought leadership, events and more. 


AI is complex. We help our audiences understand it with core themes and digestible messages. We can pressure test these through our research capabilities, conducting message testing and surveys across a variety of audiences to ensure our approach fits within this new and complex topic.

Internal Communications

Our internal communications experts can develop strategies to help employees embrace change, supporting leader and manager communications, driving awareness and adoption of new tools to enhance creativity, innovation and accelerate business results. 


AI presents new business risks and opportunities, and the regulatory environment is still evolving alongside the technology. Our teams’ expertise in crisis planning and issues advisory will help ensure your organization is prepared to lean into the AI opportunity while staying ready to respond to any risk.

WE Rokk AI Leadership

Kathryn Stack, EVP, Public Affairs, WE

Kathryn Stack

EVP, Public Affairs
WE Communications

Lindsay Singleton

Lindsay Singleton

ROKK Solutions