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Reimagining a Microsoft Azure campaign through brand affinity + engagement

The Challenge

Microsoft wanted to create dialogue on Twitter, grow the Azure community beyond @Azure followers and increase awareness of Azure certifications. That meant breaking through a saturated environment to connect with a high-value I.T. pro audience.


The Idea

Inspired by insights showing that developers and IT pros love to solve problems and participate in online contests, WE created #AzureTrivia. With gamified Twitter conversational ads that turned call-to-action buttons into multiple choice questions, instant unlock cards and a prize pack designed for users to show off their achievements, we made sharing — and smiles — a natural part of @Azure engagement.


We paired fun and wonder to put I.T. pros’ knowledge to the test.



We paired fun and wonder to put I.T. pros’ knowledge to the test.

The Engagement

For six months, an Azure-related question was published weekly via @Azure to engage developers. To enter to win, participants tweeted their replies. Each week, 10 winners with the correct answer were randomly selected to win the prize package. The resulting engagement spread beyond expectations, garnering praise, appreciation and mentions, including unboxing videos and photos of developers with their prizes.



increase in engagement

with @Azure on Twitter



positive sentiment increase

for #AzureTrivia since launch



of winners

posted prize photos, driving further engagement



of impressions

with prime target (ages 21-34)


Brand + Purpose -

Reframing success in the context of people + purpose