We are Digital & Experience Technology. In today’s world, the way a brand communicates has to be closely tied to the way it acts in digital. We call it a connected communications platform that merges a brand’s voice and heart. Your voice is the tip of the spear that sticks with your fans. Behind your voice is your heart: the emotional connection, and your best expression in digital.



What do you get when you mix competition, curated prizes and a dose of fun? Six months of breaking through the noise to capture the minds and social feeds of Microsoft Azure pros.



To tell a good story, you have to find the crux. For Gilead, it came down to their most fundamental purpose: an unwavering belief in their power to transform lives.


Ray Page

EVP, Digital and Experience Technology

Julie Gates

Senior Vice President, Client Partnership

Griffin Farnes

Senior Vice President, Delivery Operations & PMO

Jay Picard

Senior Vice President, Planning