Everyone needs data, but not everybody knows what to do with it. You need an agency partner with the expertise to make actionable insights the backbone of your brand’s story. 

The best insights are found at the cross section of data and expert intuition. That’s why WE’s Insights & Analytics team locks into all WE’s services — from media relations to executive platform development to creative integrated campaigns — to make sure you’re confident in the strategic direction, measuring what matters, and rooting analysis in real business context. 

That’s a lot of jargon to say something very simple: We make sure you’re spending your communications budget on the right thing at the right time to hit the right targets. 


When you’re telling your brand’s story in digital and physical spaces and across earned, owned and paid channels, how do you know if your audience is getting the right message? How do you know if you are engaging the right people? How do you know your strategy will work? WE helps you move beyond vanity metrics to truly understand the effectiveness of your global communications programs. 

Transforming Measurement into Action

Building brand affinity requires more than just a transaction with customers—its about building and strengthening relationship over time.




Your world changes by the second. We give you a data-driven view on the disruption and dislocation driving changes in your industry, audience and brand — in the moment and over time.




Insights have a short shelf life. Yesterday’s groundbreaking is today’s cliché. We uncover relevant creative whitespace to help your brand break through.


Audience and Influence


The best influencers inspire people to act. WE continuously identifies and assesses key influencers for your brand and puts them to work for you.




“What happened?” is just the start. We move on to “why?” “what does it mean?” and “what can we do next?” to optimize for business results.


Erica Fields

Erica Fields

EVP, Head of DXT and I&A