PRovoke and ICCO Cannes Condensed 2021 WE Communications

PRovoke & ICCO Hybrid Event: Cannes Condensed 2021



Cannes condensed 2021 hybrid event celebrates creativity in the pr industry

Supported by agency sponsors including WE, Cannes Condensed will build a "new studio" focused on earned creativity.

Where: Brighton, UK and Virtual

When: June 24, 2021 


The new hybrid event is the first of its kind from PRovoke and the International Communications Consultancy Association (ICCO). Set to take place during the week of Cannes Lions this June, Cannes Condensed will include socially-distanced panel sessions and a small "live studio audience" made up of event partners. The events will be streamed live for the global PR Industry.


  • Rebecca Wilson, EVP, Australia & Singapore
    Wintour is Coming: The Value of Being a Ruthless Editor of Your Life
    As communicators and creatives, 
    it’s essential to bring our unique perspective to everything we do. But when we’re surrounded with sameness of thought, how can we keep the easy pull of conformity at bay? In this session, Rebecca Wilson, EVP, Australia & Singapore for WE, shares how to cultivate the radical self-honesty needed to bring our authentic selves to our lives and our work, and unlock greater impact.

  • Ray Page, EVP, Head of Global Innovation and Social Impact
    The Age of Audacity: How to Unlock the Creative Power of Our New Era
    The pandemic has forced all of us to revisit and challenge our assumptions, values and the world as we thought we understood. For the first time we are united globally by one idea; the openness to reassess our lives as we once knew it. The absurd is now interesting. The unachievable is a reality and the rhythm of our lives will forever have a different pace. Now is the time to take advantage of this receptiveness-to-the-absurd to positively impact the future we want in a meaningful way. 

  • Nitin Mantri, Group CEO, Avian WE
    PRovoke Podcast

Join members of WE's leadership team and industry experts for an event that promises to push the boundaries of creativity in communications.