WE @ Seattle Interactive Conference

October 17, 2019

SOURCE: https://seattleinteractive.com/

When: Thursday, October 17 – Friday, October 18, 2019

Where: The Conference Center -- Seattle

About: On October 17 & 18, the Seattle Interactive Conference will convene forward-thinkers from around the world talk about the convergence of technology and creativity, emerging industry trends and what’s next in communications, marketing, media, branding, design and culture. WE will again be there making waves, using the latest results from its Brands in Motion 2019 global study to drive conversations about consumers’ new expectations of brands. 


  • Ray Page, WE EVP of Digital & Experience Technology (DXT), will propose a new way forward for brands to develop creative ideas that is more intentional, integrated and better reflects the world we live in today: The Trifecta Model. He’ll explain that creative power comes from adding a third role to the mix, shifting from a binary team construct to a flexible trio of creative, technology and strategy.
    Attend the session » Fighting Ubiquity: The Battle Between Technology and Creativity

  • Jay Picard, WE SVP of Strategic Planning, will head up a panel discussion to dig into how brands are navigating the tension between data and creativity to develop ideas that are more intentional, integrated and better reflect our world today.
    Attend the panel » The Battle Between Technology and Creativity: How Brands Can Connect on a Human Level

  • Matt Ashworth, WE SVP, Technology and Seattle general manager, will join a panel discussion about how PR professionals can overcome myths C-level executives have about public relations. Hear his thoughts on how PR leaders can demonstrate the value of their work, as well as what legacy tools and practices they need to reconsider. 
    Attend the panel » The 5 Things CEO and CMOs Get Wrong about Public Relations

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