Matt Ashworth

General Manager and SVP, Seattle

General Manager and SVP, Seattle

Master Puzzle Solver


I work in the Silicon Forest, a hot bed of innovation where all the magic starts for legacy brands like Microsoft and Ste Michelle Wine Estates and groundbreaking startups like Apptio and VoiceBox. I figure out how all of the puzzle pieces fit together in a way that makes the Seattle office an incredible place to work, and makes WE clients create compelling stories that move the needle for their industries and their customers.

I’m fascinated by the mass media and the way it shapes our world; helping others use the media to tell powerful stories is an amazing honor and privilege. In doing so, I better relate to others, understand more, and keep my brain engaged with a diverse set of ideas, questions, and points-of-view. WE lets me do that every day.

Avoiding a cliché is impossible when it comes to my driving force: its people. I love to interact with smart, passionate, creative people, whether it’s friends, family, clients, prospects, or colleagues. To be at my best, I have to be somewhere where I get to do that.

I helped with media relations for Chinese President Xi’s last visit to Seattle. It was a chance to learn oustide my typical beats – technology and consumer accounts – and work with a diverse group of government, business, and civic entities to make sure the historic event was accurately portrayed in the news media. During Xi’s address in downtown Seattle I worked the media riser where TV crews and photographers set up at the back of the room, which meant I was front-and-center when the Chinese secret service guided Xi’s entrance and walked by Satya Nadella, Mark Zuckerberg, Caspar Weinberger, and a host of other luminaries on his way to the stage. It was like a flock of birds who effortlessly glided in and formed a ring around him as he strode down the aisle waving.

A self-proclaimed "music nerd," I'm the founder, publisher, and editor of, a volunteer online music and culture magazine publishing from the Northwest since 1997. Spiritually, I believe in basketball. Coaching my daughters’ teams makes feel more alive than I’ve felt in years and, in my, ahem, early 40’s, I’m still playing in the top men’s basketball league in the Puget Sound. A few times a year, I travel to scenic Northwest locales to watch my lovely wife run insanely long distances in the woods.


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