Listening and Learning About the Power of
Communications in a Complex World

Hosted by Dawn Beauparlant, WE Chief Client Officer and President of North America

Come, listen in and join WE’s Dawn Beauparlant, as she talks with storytellers and communicators of all forms about the power of communications in our lives. Each chat is a mix of reflection, insight and fun as Dawn tackles everything from how to stay inspired to the new mindsets and behaviors required to communicate at a time of great complexity.

Listen in with Eirene Chen, Head of Communications, Khan Academy

A conversation about living your core values ?

How do we make online education great for all kids? It starts with living your values and being human to the core during times of challenge. Eirene Chen, Khan Academy’s Head of Communications, talks with Dawn Beauparlant, WE’s Chief Client Officer and President of NA, about the importance of connecting to all your audiences with passion and vulnerability, and emphasizing our shared humanity.  

Previous Episodes

Listen in with Hanson Hosein, President of HRH Media Group and Co-Founder of the University of Washington Communication Leadership

Hanson Hosein, President of HRH Media Group and Co-Founder of UW Communication Leadership, shares his perspective on the importance of courageous conversations and the power of story in our lives. 

Listen in with Steve Clayton, Microsoft’s Chief Storyteller

Steve Clayton, leader of Microsoft’s Innovation, Culture and Stories team, shares what he’s learned about leading with empathy during the COVID-19 pandemic and how each of us can use storytelling to connect and reconnect with each other, ourselves and what matters most.

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