PRovoke: Panel Seeks to Close AI Expectation Gap

June 20, 2024


Brands In Motion Panel: Knowledge Focus Required To Close AI Expectation Gap

PRovoke Media, Asiya Bakht, 20 June 2024

The knowledge gap is a major obstacle for corporations seeking to incorporate generative AI, according to a panel that discussed WE's latest Brands in Motion study findings.

When WE’s Nitin Mantri, Regional Executive Managing Director for Asia-Pacific and Group CEO of Avian WE, delivered his keynote address in May about the findings of our latest Brands in Motion report on AI adoption in the workplace, he emphasized this point: “This is a race, and every moment of hesitation puts you further behind.”

His remarks were followed by an engaging panel discussion, moderated by Arun Sudhaman, CEO of PRovoke Media, and featuring our very own Daryl Ho and Stephen Robertson, as well as Daniel Feiler and Meenu Handa on why the AI expectation gap is the greatest communications challenge of our era and how we can bridge that gap.

Read the full article and download WE's latest report, Brands in Motion: Bridging the AI Expectation Gap.

 (Image Courtesy of PRovoke Media)