Provoke Charlie Baldwin AI Opportunity Panel

PRovoke: AI's Impact on PR "We're Not Doomed Immediately"

May 6, 2024


At a Special Event, WE's Charlie Baldwin and Other Communicators Discussed the Risk and Opportunity of AI

PRovoke, Diana Marszalek, 6 May 2024

With AI shaking up the PR industry — and causing major angst in the process — communicators should take a cautious approach to adopting the technology to harness the innovation while safeguarding employees from the likes of job losses, deep fakes and plagiarism.

WE's Charlie Baldwin, SVP, insights and analytics, shared his thoughts on the subject. "It's important to always value the human factor in all decision-making processes. While AI offers valuable insights, the role of human intuition and relationships in navigating complex communications is irreplaceable. I don't see that changing" says Baldwin.