PRovoke: The Way Forward with Purpose-Driven Work



Purpose-Driven Work Puts Humanity First & Brand Benefits Follow

RB Health and Avian WE talked through the Benega Swasth India hygiene and health campaign, and how Dettol has won over sceptics.

David Blecken, PRovoke, 23 October 2020

(Photo Courtesy of PRovoke)

Global enthusiasm among marketeers for ‘brand purpose’ shows no signs of slowing, yet convincing examples of it remain rare. 

In a discussion during day three of ProvokeGlobal that was sponsored by WE Communications around the theme of “communicating with humanity”, Pankaj Duhan, chief marketing officer of RB Health, who leads the campaign, talked with Nitin Mantri, group chief executive of Avian WE Group, about how over the past few years the focus had moved from cleanliness (‘swachh’) to overall health (‘swasth’).