PRWeek: How Healthcare Brands Can Deliver On Social Impact

April 4, 2024


WE Report Finds Brands Need to Act Thoughtfully and Authentically, Otherwise It Could Be Perceived As Purpose-Washing

PRWeek, 4 April 2024

England expects that every healthcare brand will do its duty – but public confidence is actually on the wane. WE's recent Brands in Motion research shows that from 2022 to 2023 there is increased concern (56% up from 52%) that healthcare brands are falling short on commitment delivery.

In a time of increasing skepticism, it’s time for healthcare companies to get clear about how they’re engaging with social issues. During their keynote at PRWeek UK’s PharmaComms Conference, WE’s Elizabeth Shearing Green and Hopscotch Consulting’s Jasmine Kubski discussed why health inequality is an area in which pharma brands are uniquely positioned to make a positive impact. Find out what five steps your brand can take.



(Photo courtesy of PRWeek)