The Drum: Lessons for Marketers from Post-COVID China

May 11, 2023


In the Latest State of the Nation, WE Red Bridge's Nicky Wang Explores the Post-COVID Lessons for Marketers.

The Drum, 11 May, 2023

C-level executives from leading multinationals are visiting China to witness the state of the market for themselves after three years of self-imposed isolation. Although most executives expressed optimism during their visits, first-quarter figures sent mixed signals. 

What does China’s rebound tell us about the state of the market? "Despite all complexities, China remains an exciting space to be in - a market where complacency means failure and continuous learning is guaranteed" says Nicky Wang, CEO, WE Red Bridge. "Navigating the ever-evolving Chinese market has never been easy, and recent changes in the macro environment have upped the ante."