Launching Elsevier Health as a Trusted Partner to Clinicians


Amplifying the voices of healthcare professionals with a global report. 


The healthcare industry has experienced dramatic challenges and changes over recent years, from being in the world’s spotlight during the pandemic to grappling with groundbreaking and redefining advancements in AI. To support healthcare workers during this period of high scrutiny and unparalleled uncertainty, Elsevier partnered with WE to help launch Elsevier Health’s brand and serve healthcare professionals around the world with trusted data and insights. In doing so, Elsevier aimed to elevate its reputation as a leader in health information analytics and position the brand as a lifelong, trusted partner for clinicians.


Elsevier undertook a global survey of 3,000 clinicians from 111 countries. The resulting 150-page report, “Clinician of the Future,” delved into the future of healthcare from the perspective of the people at the frontline — clinicians — revealing their pain points, such as feeling undervalued and underprepared for technological change, their predictions for an AI-infused future, and suggested solutions for protecting clinicians and patients alike. The report was built in three phases, starting with qualitative interviews with healthcare leaders, followed by a quantitative survey with clinicians and ending with three roundtable events with key opinion leaders.

WE worked closely with Elsevier to build a three-tiered, integrated communications program around the report to boost awareness. WE pulled attention-grabbing data from the report and created a rich and compelling narrative, appealing to specialty healthcare trade and top-tier target publications in priority markets in the U.S., U.K. and China.

This carefully curated collection of data drove a narrative that resonated with target audiences by spotlighting the experiences and opinions of clinicians. To maintain ongoing media coverage, WE created a “news engine” for the report, monitoring conversations in the healthcare community and creating reactive, timely pitches based on trending key issues, such as burnout, health innovation, health equity and the aging population.

The release of the report was timed with the launch of the Elsevier Health brand at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Health Conference & Exhibition in March 2022. This created awareness for Elsevier as a leader in medical and nursing solutions, building on its established reputation as a research publisher.


1.1 billion impressions
97 media placements across three global target markets
5,000 webpage visits

The “Clinician of the Future” report spotlighted the challenges and opportunities clinicians expect to face over the next decade in the context of a global pandemic and ever-emerging technologies.

This pioneering research kick-started an industry-leading conversation about the future of healthcare, with over 200 external social media accounts posting about the coverage in key trade media outlets, sparking 80,000 reactions.

The report elevated Elsevier’s brand and positioned it as a resource and partner for clinicians. The successful digital media launch campaign secured a reach of upward of 2 million followers, across the company’s blog, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook platforms, driving nearly 5,000 website visits and consequent report downloads.

The campaign’s results included:

  • 1.1 billion impressions
  • 97 media placements across three global target markets
  • 5,000 webpage visits

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