Healthcare is an industry in motion, undergoing an enormous tech-fueled transformation. Today, new communications skill sets are required to reach patients, providers, payers, regulators, policymakers and B2B decision-makers in the ways they communicate today — human to the core.

WE is a global communications agency that enables clients in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, digital health, and devices and diagnostics to navigate the evolving healthcare industry.

Our WE Global Health team is steeped in next-generation healthcare communications and works at the intersection of health and technology. We build brands and reputations, tell stories, inspire patients, engage relevant influencers, and reach the most important stakeholders.

Our scientific engagement and medical education programs address the drivers and barriers to change, with strategic messaging that helps drive sustained habit-forming behaviours among patients and clinicians alike.

Whether you’re early stage, a mature organization, or somewhere in between, WE Global Health is your partner to break through the information overload and get people to not only pay attention, but to care.

We bring a progressive communications approach to a historically prescriptive industry.

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Key industries served

We help everyone from Fortune 500 companies to early-stage companies thrive in today’s global environment.


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Health & Wellness
  • Devices & Diagnostics
  • Digital Health
  • Health Technology
  • Health IT            


  • Medical Supplies
  • Population Health Management
  • Information Analytics
  • Payers
  • Providers
  • Associations    

What we're known for

Some of the capabilities and services where we have expertise. 

Brand communications

Whether you’re the market leader or disrupting the marketplace, we dig deep to reveal your bespoke narrative and create breakthrough campaigns and communications that ensure you show up on the right stages and in the right pages.

Health Advocacy

Health advocacy communications

We create campaigns that make people care and take action, including stakeholder relationship building, influencer outreach, public awareness, disease education, online patient forums and memorable events.

We leverage your regulatory milestones, data announcements, medical conferences and earnings reports as human touch points to propel your brand forward in the media, online, as well as with influencers and patients.

The company we keep

Some of the clients we have worked with over the years. 


Stephanie Marchesi

Stephanie marchesi

President, WE Global Health  & North America Eastern Region


Vice President and General Manager, Germany


Director, Scientific Engagement & Head of Health, UK

Sharmistha ghosh

Senior Vice President, Healthcare and Social Impact, Avian WE, India


Head of Health,

Sarah Kobus


Managing Director,
South Africa


Group Account Director, Corporate and Healthcare, WE Red Bridge, China



Director of Health,