The "Know Your Numbers" campaign knew its audience.

Many employees boldly went where they hadn't gone before.

Setting Phasers To “Health” And "Wealth"

Microsoft’s 2014 Know Your Numbers campaign was on a mission. The prime directive: give employees the tools to improve their health and wellness. Bolstering their free biometric screening offering by adding a free financial wellness assessment, Microsoft aimed to give U.S. employees a snapshot of their overall wellbeing. But, employees needed a cosmic shift in thinking. From “let’s talk about it tomorrow” to “let’s make this a priority.” To make that shift, Microsoft boldly went where they’ve never gone before.

Engaging with Microsofties meant capitalizing on their culture. Research showed that Microsofties love data and that their finances are top of mind. The next step was logical. Craft a campaign around a message that clearly articulated the value of Know Your Numbers and jived with their culture. That message: Live Long & Prosper.

The campaign kicked into warp drive. A majority of employees engaged with the financial and health screening.  But the greatest result for Microsoft? Watching its employees adopt healthier lifestyles and make positive changes to their finances.  And, the Star Trek-inspired creative was the talk around campus. It even caught Mr. Sulu’s attention (that’s George Takei for the non-Trekkies in the audience).