We zeroed in on a clear vision for VSP

Driving conversations are essential to change

Helping create the ultimate communications road map

Finding Focus

With major changes in the eye care industry underway, its 60th anniversary quickly approaching, and a new CEO coming on board — it was an ideal time for VSP Global to develop its north star by zeroing in on its narrative and clearly articulating its vision.

VSP wanted to identify and highlight what set it apart from the competition (in marketing we call it the unique point of difference or UPD), because when you stand for something, it’s a whole lot easier to get people excited about what you’re doing. It was time for VSP to build a communications framework that would give it credit for the powerful and impactful work the business was already doing.

And that’s just what it did. By working closely with its communications agency and listening to its employees every step of the way, VSP was able to zero in on its UPD while simultaneously strengthening its internal rapport and buy-in with senior leadership.

The result? A powerful master narrative that serves as its ultimate communications road map, defining both its core message and its key audiences. It’s this kind of focus that drove (and continues to drive) every conversation ranging from its executive platform to its social strategy. With its well-defined UPD driving exciting new stories, VSP was able to effectively showcase its innovations and key partnerships with top brands.

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