Henry Wood, VP, I&A and Creative, sharing the findings

At AmCham Hong Kong

With panelists from Uber and Mattel APAC

Why Timing Matters For Industry Leaders

Our Hong Kong office was scheduled to launch its own market Content Matters report in May.

Working in partnership with YouGov, respondents answered a series of questions related to their content consumption preference and how they interact with brands across different business categories. The report covers 11 sectors: Automobile, Beauty, Consumer Electronics, Finance & Banking, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Luxury Goods, Mobile Devices & Tablets, Personal Care, Restaurants, and Travel & Tourism.

Delving into the issue of time and how it heavily influenced consumer purchase decisions rather than demographic indicators, here are some of the key discoveries:

  • Consumers are most keen to make new purchases or product upgrades when they land their first job (22%), get a promotion (19%), or when they leave school (17%).
  • WhatsApp has risen to top spot for sharing content, speaking to a potential future of closed communities. Another rise is Instagram showing popularity for visual content optimised for smartphones.
  • Weekends remain the most popular time for consumers to do their research and it tends to happen at night, i.e. after work or dinner, especially in the months of December (12%), January (12%) and July (11%)

The launch session was held at the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong featuring panelists including the Head of Communications of Uber North Asia and Marketing Manager for Mattel Asia Pacific over lunch. The findings sparked off many discussions during the Q&A and session and many participants shared that the research findings made them re-think their current strategy and market understanding. To drive the learning home, each guest brought home a premium that reminded them key pointers to keep in mind.

Sparking off conversations and developing narratives built around insights and analytics, is our trade and the WE Content Matters Hong Kong report launch was a perfect demonstration.