Noah Keteyian Gives Keynote at Sustainable Brands: Brand-Led Culture Change

June 7, 2022


Making Net Zero Net Positive For Everyone

Where: Virtual

When: June 7, 11:00 - 11:50 PDT


Now, more than ever, consumers demand brands take bold action. Research from WE Communication’s Brands in Motion global report uncovered that over the past two years, the expectation for brands to create stability in uncertain times rose by 30%. However, consumers also see through empty sustainability statements and expect brands to make committed investments to help a world in crisis—investments that embrace regenerative innovation in a way that is inclusive and impactful for everyone involved.

WE Communications and YouGov partnered to uncover the next trends that global business leaders identify as the most pivotal roles brands can play in the global sustainability crisis. Hear from Noah Keteyian, WE Communications SVP, Corporation Reputation & Brand Purpose on what brands need to do to engage authentically with stakeholders—both internally and externally—to work together in taking radical action today.


Noah Keteyian, SVP, Corporate Reputation & Brand Purpose