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Sparking inspiration through digital collaboration 


Young millennials recognized Adobe as the industry-leading design software that could bring their ideas to life. However, many roaming creatives were looking for tools to fit their “whenever inspiration strikes” attitudes settling for mobile platforms with less sophisticated tools that they believed were more collaborative, flexible and suited to their freelance lifestyles.

Adobe needed to prove to this generation of creators that only Creative Cloud could allow them to share and build on their wildest ideas, wherever and whenever they wanted — without sacrificing capabilities.



Adobe “Made Here” was a collaborative challenge: WE handpicked a team of young designers, artists, illustrators, filmmakers and photographers from across Asia to partner up, creating anything they desired — as long as it embraced the ethos of “creating anywhere, at any time.”

These creatives had never met before, were spread thousands of miles apart and worked across entirely different mediums. Using Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps, they were able to create amazing artwork, designs and videos, highlighting the seamless cloud sharing functionality of Adobe’s apps, and challenging the perception that its apps are best suited to stationary, studio environments.

Across five time zones, the influencers shared their artwork and behind-the-scenes footage through their Instagram Stories. Participants promoted each other’s work and directed followers to Adobe’s website to view the entire collection. We then flipped this digital exhibition into a real-life multimedia gallery exhibition at a renowned Sydney venue, engaging deeply with young creatives and emphasizing Adobe’s role as a facilitator for the creative community. At the event, hundreds of inspired artists met up and networked — many for the first time.

The content was also featured on Adobe’s social channels and boosted using paid social media tactics, extending the campaign’s reach, amplifying the message of creative freedom and encouraging users to try Creative Cloud.



Through the targeted influencer campaign, Adobe engaged young creatives and showcased its limitless possibilities for collaboration and creative growth. The remarkable results include:

  • $500,000 made in subscription revenue
  • 1,500 subscriptions gained
  • 7x return on investment
  • Highly Commended Winner of Best Influencer Strategy at Mumbrella CommsCon Australia 2020


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