In today’s ever-changing media ecosystem, building a great product or service is no longer enough. Brands need to stand up to stand out by demonstrating bold leadership on the social issues the public cares about deeply, and by engaging their employees in these conversations.

For two years, WE has partnered with Quartz Insights to learn how communications leaders can help guide brands to a more purposeful future. Through employee engagement, purposeful leadership and clear-eyed purpose, brands can drive positive social impact.

How to Harness employee passion to fuel company purpose

New research and five rules for channeling your greatest strength — your people.

01. Align purpose, vision and strategy

In times of crisis, purpose must be tightly aligned with business objectives, company culture and employees’ passions.

02. Lead with empathy

Use a range of forums to hear your employees concerns, feedback and insights into what they’re experiencing before launching into problem-solving mode.

03. Collaborate, connect and co-create

Empower all employees to drive change by providing opportunities to collaborate across teams and maintaining transparency throughout the organization.

Discover more, including the latest research and more rules, in the complete guide.

Leading with Purpose in an Age Defined by It

In 2019, WE partnered with Quartz Insights to learn what management and C-suite leaders think about brand purpose, bold leadership on today’s most important issues, and how brands can best tell stories about positive social impact.

Research Highlights

Brand Purpose Points of View

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Brand Purpose Coverage and Events

News and events on Brand Purpose

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