Our Capabilities

WE helps brands take action in a world where employees and the public expect them to lead on societal issues, operate more responsibly and sustainably, and innovate for positive climate impact.

Our expertise spans issues, sectors and industries – from energy innovators creating a renewable future, to consumer brands-driving change, to tech and healthcare leaders establishing greener solutions for how we work and live – aligning environmental sustainability with brand purpose and business goals. We build strategies, activate programs, engage communities and stakeholders, and communicate for impact. 


  • Sector benchmarking
  • Sustainability narrative + message development
  • ESG strategy & consulting
  • Stakeholder audits and workshops
  • Campaign design, execution and awareness building


  • Media expertise, influencer, and channel strategy
  • Employee engagement on sustainability initiatives
  • Sustainability stakeholder and influencer engagement
  • Executive platform development on sustainability issues

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Environmental Sustainability Links:

Sustainability on the WE Blog

Corporate Reputation & Brand Purpose


Elevating innovators leading the fight against climate change.


Driving discussions to further circular economy solutions and reduce harmful waste


Engaging and educating on water management and conservation initiatives to make every drop count.

Sustainability Insights

Tomorrow's Leaders Are Raising the Bar on Sustainability

Young people, particularly women and people of color, expect brands to become part of the climate change solution — in significantly higher numbers than the general population. Learn how brands can enhance their sustainability communications to engage with these leaders of tomorrow.

Brands in Motion: Making Net Zero Net Positive for Everyone 

The global business community's response to climate change is growing in both urgency and sophistication. Our latest report explores five actions for brands to move from lofty climate commitments toward measurable, equitable impact. 

The Changing Face of Women and Sustainability

The leadership role women play in advancing sustainability is multifaceted — it's evident in how female consumers are exercising their buying power and in how female sustainability execs are charting the course toward a more resilient and regenerative future. Find out how this impacts brands' role in addressing environmental sustainability.

Case Studies

Humanizing Plastic Waste Reduction

Over the past decade, the Plastic Free Foundation has worked to reduce global plastic pollution through its annual Plastic Free July campaign. For its 2020 campaign — with COVID-19 spiking global plastic use — generating awareness of safe reduction efforts was relevant and necessary.

Plastic Free Case Study »

Raising the Bar on Corporate Sustainability

In January 2020, Microsoft was the first major corporation to set a bold goal to be carbon negative — moving beyond carbon neutral — by 2030, and by 2050 to remove all the carbon it has emitted into the atmosphere since its founding in 1975.

Microsoft Carbon Negative by 2030 »